Aeverium - Break Out - 2CD - Deluxe Edition

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A fresh breeze runs through the international Modern-Metal-scene. No other band currently merges the essences of Gothic-, Nu- and Symphonic-Metal as explosively as Aeverium on their debut album „Break Out.“ The album starts out with a whizz-bang-projectile of a song, expertly fusing the energy of early Linkin Park with the cinematic sound of Evanescence in the album's title track, while brilliantly showcasing how well Aeverium's two singer complement each other: on the one hand a versatile male singer who can easily handle the entire range of Modern Metal vocals, from hard shouts to melodic power vocals, plus a powerful female voice that captivates with an impressive bandwidth ranging from Heavenly Voices to operatic singing, on the other. Progressing through „Break Out“, Aeverium prove that they can also handle the symphonic terrain of bands like Within Temptation or Nightwish expertly, only to lunge back into a full frontal assault of power riffs in the next moment. One thing that instantly impresses is the massive sound emanating from the speakers. Co-producer Sander Gommans (ex-After Forever, HDK) and the mastering work of Jos Driessen in the Sandlane Sound Facilities (Epica, Xandria, Stream Of Passion) have created an impressive production that will give any major big budget US-Modern-Metal-album a run for its money. Vocals were recorded by Amanda Somerville (Avantasia, Trillium, Kiske/ Somerville), who also lends her voice to an impressive duet with Aeverium's lead on the song „What Are You Waiting For.“ „Break Out“ is released as a regular album CD and as a deluxe edition featuring a bonus EP with acoustic versions. Aeverium are THE newcomer to keep an eye on, this year, with one of the most massive Metal-productions of the last few years at their hands. Tracks: 1. Break Out 2. Distrust 3. Departed 4. Heaven´s Burning (Harvest Time) 5. Endless Space 6. Do You Remember 7. The Ground Beneath Your Feet 8. Rest in Peace 9. The Other Side 10. What are You Waiting For? 11. To Live Forever Acoustic EP (Deluxe Edition only) 1. Distrust 2. Heaven´s Burning (Harvest Time) 3. The Ground Beneath Your Feet
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