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Release Date: March 30, 2012 MoldavianElectro band Alpha Point was able to win over both the readers andjury of Sonic Seducer magazine as well as the entire A&Rdepartment of Out Of Line Music with the highly catchy mix of FuturePop, Trance and light Industrial influences of their song “HighLike The Angels” which consequently won them first place at themagazine’s the Battle Of The Band contest. Now, the group’seagerly anticipated debut album is complete, fittingly titled afterthe song that won them the contest, and Alpha Point have not onlykept the high standard of their first offering, they have surpassedit. After many protagonists of the Future Pop have moved on to otherstyles, the Moldavian band celebrates the genre in its purest form,without falling into the trap of sounding like a carbon copy of thedays of yore. “High Like The Angels” sounds big, modern andaddictive: intelligent Club tunes that will work in and outside ofthe disco! TrackListing: 1. Intro 2. Things I Do 3. High Like The Angels 4. Emptiness Within 5. God's Anger 6. Wind 7. Alive 8. Call It Heaven 9. Love Is For Free 10. I Don't Want To Fall In Love With You 11. Feel The Same 12. High Like The Angels (reprise)
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