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And One

And One - LIVE - DVD - 2DVD

Format Video
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Release Date Feb 18, 2010
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release date october the 30th 2009
And One have never been prone to be satisfied with anything less than superlatives. But, as opposed to the empty phrases most politicians have to offer, the Electronic Body Pop band fronted by Steve Naghavi are sticking to their promises: the long planned and now finally completed double live DVD is the most comprehensive live experience ever to be released on this medium. 55 (!) live songs, recorded between 2004 and 2008 in Berlin , Hamburg and Hildesheim! All the hits, spanning their entire career, are included, plus lots of highly original cover versions of delightful tunes and the typical zaniness that accompanies any And One gig, including an always lively interaction with the audience. Add to that all the video clips the band has ever produced, a making of, plus a complete concert recording from 1989. Any questions? And for those of you who have always sported a profound dislike for moving images or who would just love to listen to the And One live experience on the road but would get distracted by watching the videos as well, there also will be a jam-packed live double CD with the best of the best. It also works in the kitchen, the bath tub or the CD player in the living room, of course. But who, for god’s sake, are Diana, Steffi, Julia, Mandy and Anke??? 

Regional Code: all regions.
Format: PAL
16:9 / 4:3
Double Layer DVD

Tracklist DVD 1:

01. The Sunalways Shines on TV
02. Timekiller
03. The Great Commandment
04. Enjoy The Unknown
05. Military Fashion Show
06. Techno Man
07. The Walk
08. Traumfrau
09. Stand The Pain
10. High
11. Schwarz
12. Deutschmaschine
13. Consequence Of Time
14. Metalhammer
15. Panzermensch
16. Sometimes
17. Exit
18. Fernsehapparat
19. Krieger
20. Steine Sind Steine
21. Bodynerv
22. Für
23. Get You Closer
24. Recover You
25. So klingt liebe
26. Life isn´t easy in Germany
27. Loser 
28.Driving With My Darling 
29. Second Voice 
30. Movie Star 
31. Sweety Sweety
32. Klaus
33. Pimmelmann

Tracklist DVD 2:
01. Strafbomber
02. Take Some More
03. Wet Spot
04. Second Voice
05. Für
06. Pray
07. Don´t need the Drugs
08. Sternradio
09. Uns Gehts Gut
10. Wasted
11. Speicherbar
12. Military Fashion Show
13. Fernsehapparat
14. Für
15. Bodynerv
16. Recover You
17. Get You Closer
18. So Klingt Liebe

BONUS: Clips
01. Life isn’t easy in Germany
02. Driving with my Darling
03. Sometimes
04. Get you closer
05. Wasted
06. Krieger
07. So klingt Liebe
08. Traumfrau
09. Making Of Krieger
„Was wäre, wenn...“ Backstagefilm
ANKE - Konzert 1989
01. Gommorah
02. Second Voice
03. Body Aggression


And One - LIVE - DVD - 2DVD

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