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Armageddon Dildos

Armageddon Dildos - Dystopia (Limited Edition) - 2CD

Format CD
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Release Date Sep 4, 2020
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The limited edition of the album includes a bonus album which has not only the originality of featuring one remix of each album song, but also showcases an impressive list of collaborators including ORANGE SECTOR, DIGITAL FACTOR, AD:KEY, LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA, FIRST AID 4 SOULS, SCHRAMM, INTENT:OUTTAKE, INERTIA, SYNAPSYCHE and more

Düsseldorf leading EBM act ARMAGEDDON DILDOS launch a new tour de force with their 14th album! Armed with punishing beats, powerful melodic hooks, upbeat sequences and gritty dark synths, Uwe Kanka takes his megaphone and protests loudly and without restraint against our world’s dystopia in general, and socio-political issues in particular like intolerance, abuse, disinformation or yet selfishness. From the very catchy 80’s tainted melodies of “Night People” to the more martial assaults of “Kaltes Herz” whose dense ambience and aggressive vocals remind good old LAIBACH or
other RAMMSTEIN, ARMAGEDDON DILDOS remind us again to be one of the most un- predictable bands of the Electronic Body Music scene! Eclectic at wish, while still being very focussed and conceived to blast the apocalyptic dancefloors of the dark world, “Dystopia” rips straight into it with the gritty and dirty basslines of “Burn Baby Burn” that instantly imprints its viral chorus on your mind. Percolating synths, groovy basslines, hammering beats, vocoder lines, manipulated vocal samples… so many characteristic ingredients we are so happy hearing rolling again in our tortured ears for an absolute demonstration of less-is-more melodic simplicity and edgy dynamic attitude. Mastermind Uwe Kanka of course signs here again a bunch of what fans will call “ARMAGEDDON DILDOS-classics” like the recent single “Heut Nacht”, “Dance On Dead Bodies”, the technoid “High Up In The Sky” or yet the title-song “Dystopia”, but as always, he also takes us by surprise with the slower guitary ballad “Stay” or yet the lovely electrising KRAFTWERKian “Neon” featuring a touching duet with his daughter Malin on vocals…

With over 30 years of electronic scene activities under his belt, Uwe Kanka and his gang confirm with “Dystopia” that the ARMAGEDOON DILDOS spirit remained intact and is still driven by the same passion and energy as ever! So EBM-freaks, stand up, it’s time to shake your ass on dead bodies! Clubs will burn burn burn… baby burn!

01 Burn Baby burn
02 Dystopia
03 Heut Nacht
04 Destruction
05 Stay
06 Dirty Man
07 Ohne Dich
08 Neon
09 Kaltes Herz
10 Dance on dead Bodies
11 Night People
12 High up in the Sky
13 Dystopia (club mix)

01 Burn Baby burn (Schramm – burning guitar mix)
02 Dystopia (INTENT-OUTTAKE – lager II mix)
03 Heut Nacht (FIRST AID 4 SOULS – club mix)
04 Destruction (INERTIA – subkultura mix)
05 Stay (DAVE ANDERSON – b4 it’s 2 late mix)
06 Dirty Man (DIGITAL FACTOR – tatortreiniger mix)
07 Ohne Dich (ORANGE SECTOR – beweg dich mix)
08 Kaltes Herz (AD:KEY – missing tolerance mix)
09 Neon (FREDRIK SÖDERBERG – homage à Florian mix)
10 Dance on dead Bodies (LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA – stadium mix)
11 Night People (RICO PILLER – vainerz hungary mix)
12 High up in the Sky (SYNAPSYCHE – endless sky mix)

Armageddon Dildos - Dystopia (Limited Edition) - 2CD

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