Arogya - SuperNatural - CD

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India’s Synth-Rock pioneers AROGYA are back with their new album “SuperNatural”, a perfect heavy potpourri of Rock and Metal with those special, oriental scales giving it a melodious tinge of Eastern flavour. As they have proven repeatedly, AROGYA cannot be put into one simple genre box and they do not shy away from the new and different. “SuperNatural” offers something for every music-loving soul out there, dealing with topics of deep longing, power, temptation, despair and depression. May it be spiritually, physically or mentally, we all have demons to battle and with “SuperNatural”, AROGYA bring us the perfect musical experience to connect and contemplate our own existence to.

1. Supernatural
2. Desire
3. Queen of the Damned
4. Spell
5. Fade Away
6. Forbidden Memories
7. In My Hell
8. Hollow
9. Drifting Away
10. Prophet
11. Armageddon

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