Ashbury Heights - Ghost House Sessions Vol. 1 (Limited Glow In The Dark Vinyl) - 2LP

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Ashbury Heights - Ghost House Sessions Vol. 1 (Limited Glow In The Dark Vinyl)

It’s finally here: Swedish Electro/ Synth-Pop starlets Ashbury Heights are back with their new album “Ghost House Sessions - Vol. 1”. Known for Anders Hagström’s unique voice, an unmistakable musical style and their captivating live shows, Ashbury Heights now deliver their brand new longplayer containing 23 new, magnificently catchy and danceable tracks.

“Ghost House Sessions - Vol. 1” has been a long time coming and is an extraordinary product of an exhausting yet exciting time for the band: “The past year has been incredibly inspiring. There have been incredible highs and devastating lows. That roller coaster is now being shaped into music“. Celebrating 20 years of band history in 2025, Ashbury Heights are continuously developing and perfecting their sound, fusing new wave, electro, synth pop and industrial elements into unique masterpieces that will get everyone’s feet and hips moving. 

“Ghost House Sessions - Vol. 1” is available on 2CD and limited glow-in-the-dark vinyl. The exclusive, limited fan box includes the 2CD, MC, T-Shirt, an exclusive Booklet, glow-in-the-dark sticker and a unique numbered certificate. 


Seite A
Spectres From the Black Moss
Tunguska feat. Corlyx
A Lifetime in the Service of Darkness feat. Ulrike Goldmann
Cut in a Place feat. Madil Hardis

Seite B
Cutscenes feat. Danny Blu
Wild Eyes feat. Madil Hardis
Sleeping With a Knife

Seite C
Is That Your Uniform
You and Me Apart From the World feat. Anna Rose
One Trick Pony feat. Massive Ego
Ghost Electric

Seite D
Bitter Flavour feat. Alia Synesthesia
The Good the Bad and the Birds
In the Dark
The Past is Perfect

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