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Release Date: 10. June 2011 The second track sets the course for the entire new album of German Power-Electro-Band Accessory: “Voran! Voran!” (Onward! Onward!) “Underbeat” perfectly fulfils this premise: the duo fires up its full arsenal of synthetic sound devices to press forward in twelve versatile tracks clocking in at about an hour of massive playtime. The result is electrifying dance floor culture of the finest variety, sporting thudding EBM-onslaughts, lascivious “sexy robot” voices, an effective nod towards German electronic music history, hyper-saturated club grooves, catchy melodies and well-targeted bursts of aggression. “Feel the bass and let yourself go!” – that is Accessory’s dance commando in a nutshell… and “Underbeat” is the perfect vehicle for doing just that. The new album will be released as a double CD featuring a bonus disc containing eight more club smashers, among them alternative versions, remixes, unreleased tracks and Accessory’s unique vision of Johnny Cash in a techno club. “Underbeat” has been designed for the clubs where it unfolds an energy that is hard to match. Tanzrichtung vorwärts! Tracklist: CD 1: 1. The Mouth 2. Voran 3. Keen Girl (Clean Version) 4. Shout It Out 5. Startime 6. Ruff Fuxxx 7. Tanzrichtung vorwärts 8. Sunrise 9. World 6000 10. She Says It Feels Good 11. Raise 12. It Sounds Like CD 2: 1. Keen Girl (Original Version) 2. Crack My Nuts 3. Shout It Out (Psyca Mix) 4. World 6000 (Remixed by Enter And Fall) 5. Folsom Prison Blues 6. World 6000 (Psycho Machinery Remix) 7. FAM 8. Voran (Der Teufel im Spiegel Mix by Boole) 9. I Say Go (Human 2.0 Dance House Mix) 10. World 6000 (Amnistia Modi?cation) 11. Boy Toy
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