Black Lung - The brutal Gardener (Limited Vinyl) - LP

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Limited edition of 100 copies. Pure black 12" vinyl in special matte black die-cut sleeve & inlay. Includes digital download-code.

“We are at a moment in history that is full of opportunity. Technology is poised to transform the lives of millions of people throughout the world. Philanthropy also has a unique and critical role to play in this process. By focusing its patience, capital and attention on the links between technology, art, music, culture and population control, philanthropy will change not just lives but the very context in which the field of philanthropy operates. This album represents an initial step in that direction. It explores twelve very different - yet very possible - scenarios for the future of global governance, cultural leadership and the rebuilding of trust with a weary and battered bovine public. As a member of our Young Global Leaders coalition, David Thrussell is fully cognizant of the important principles that guide our international dialogue and agenda, skillfully and subtly inserting community-minded messaging and occult symbology into the highly evolved artistic works presented here. As our ancestors appeased the Ancient Ones through ritual mass sacrifice in grand entertainment centres such as the Colosseum, so today, cultural leaders like Black Lung must engage though modern communi- cations media to entice the herd toward degrowth and their ultimate Calhounian fate. Indeed, what we really need is a Brutal Gardener. And we at The Rockefeller Foundation are proud to be part of that great, grand pruning initiative.” Piotr Nero (Co-Chair, The Rockefeller Foundation)


01 babylon rising
02 euthanasia
03 depopulate
04 the brutal gardener
05 one world government
06 the sleep of reason
07 armageddon
08 year zero
09 the golden age of heliogabalus
10 the cremation of care
11 the arcana of command
12 the custodians of the plan

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