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UK pioneers of female Electronica's return with one of the most eagerly awaited album releases of the year… and they deliver the goods. "Authority" is an addictive powerhouse of minimal electronics, groovy rhythms and mercilessly catchy melodies. System reboot. Welcome Client 2.0! What is probably the most influential band in female Electronica is going stronger than ever with one of the most eagerly awaited new album-releases of the year: "Authority." Following a hiatus of four years, Client have recruited new singer Client N, a charismatic and powerful vocal performer who has been very active and renowned in the music scene of her home city of Bristol and have recorded a powerhouse of synthesizer-driven tunes that, in a way, marks a highly effective return to the group's roots in minimal electronic Pop music, yet with a very modern, club-oriented twist. Produced by Dave Francolini of Dragons-fame, the songs merge New-Wave-cool, a thorough helping of massive bass, a groovy rhythmic foundation and intriguing, yet relentlessly catchy melodies to an addictive sound that carries all the trademarks that Client are loved for but also elevates the music to a new level. "Authority" is also laced with a darker edge than any of the band's previous outings which fits the songs hand in glove and makes the new material all the more alluring. As showcased on the advance single "You Can Dance" (which featured a fascinating art video by UK fashion designers Vin & Omi), Client are really playing out their strengths with the new album, making "Authority" easily one of the most exciting Electro-Pop-releases of the year! Track Listing: 01. Authority 02. Design 03. XXX Action 04. You Can Dance 05. The Shining Path 06. Refuge 07. After Effect 08. Faith 09. Artificial 10. Obsession 11. Quarantine 12. Nocturnal Eyes
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