Cyberaktif - eNdgame - CD

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33 years after the original Skinny Puppy meets Front Line Assembly project was released on WaxTrax, Cyberaktif is back! The classic band, best-known for the cult hit “Nothing stays”, returns with Bill Leeb on vocals, cEvin Key programming music, and Rhys Fulber filling in for the late- great Dwayne Goettel. The new album eNdgame comes hot off of Skinny Puppy's final tour dates, and the announcement that Front Line Assembly will support Ministry and Gary Numan this winter. The first single, “A single Trace” is a classic-sounding industrial track that is sure to kill in the clubs.


A single Trace
Locked away
Bitter End
New World awaits
You don't need to see 
In Deinen Träumen
The Fright
Broken through Time

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