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Finland never ceases to amaze us with the quality, richness and diversity of its musical production and Detset is no exception to the rule.
Call the genre what you wish, be it Modern Metal, Heavy Rock or Hardcore, Detset combines all these elements with massive Pop hooks, crushing riffs and a vast mix of growling and clean vocals.
Each single is another punch in the face - the Finnish quintet is at the crossroads between Kvelertak and Turbonegro and will please fans of big heavy guitars as in Clutch, Raised Fist and Mastodon.

The topics of the tracks form the bands debut album "Vermeil" are taken from everyday's life such as the song "So Offended", which showcases the incredible difficulty of expressing oneself in today’s social media society without offending somebody from the pack. Whereas "Graves" is picturing the story of the "dark shadow" that follows you through life and the struggle ones other half has to keep it hidden.

DETSET is definitely one of the freshest artists to come out of Finland in a long time and will give their fans a high dose of adrenaline.

One Night Stand
Mariana Arc
The Mechanic
Square The Scales
Let It Hurt
So Offended
DI Despise
Every Murder Has A Father

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