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Between droning Noise and marching Industrial, Dirk Ivens created his very own unique style with Dive. „Where Do We Go From Here?“ is his masterpiece – an album transfering sound and spirit of the classics in todays time.

On „Where Do We Go From Here?“, Dirk explores new ways to enforce his sound: „ For this album I teamed up with Jan Dewulf, known from his bands Your Life On Hold and Diskonnekted.“, says the humble mainman. „New collaboration means new sounds.“ Nevertheless „Where Do We Go From Here?“ has an attitude of the early Dive and The Klinik combined with a state of the art production: The beats are even more brutal, the soundscapes even more dark, the vocals even more touching. „The world we live in today will never be the same“, Dirk comments the obvious influences. „But even when things don't look hopeful, we try to keep a positive mind.“ So „Where Do We Go From Here?“ is the expected dark and heavy piece of music, yet it allows a glimpse of hope. „Where Do We Go From Here?“ will be released as simple CD as well as as wooden box limited on 500 including the album on vinyl, the CD-version and an exclusive vinyl EP.


1 Inside Your Head
2 Black Star
3 Slave To Desire
4 Leave Me Be
5 Facing The Moon
6 Dark Place
7 Death Machine
8 Invisible
9 Where Do We Go From Here



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