Echoberyl - Through the Chaos (Limited Black, BLUE & WHITE Splatter Vinyl) - LP

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Limited Edition of 300 copies, on beautiful Black, Blue & White Splattered Vinyl + 2 pages insert Believe it or not: For once, the Vinyl will reach us earlier than the CD! Three years after "Mother Solitude and Other Dark Tales", Echoberyl return with a fulllength album that is a tribute to "parallel worlds", to mystery literature (and a certain type of B-series movies and TV shows). A twilight zone populated with bewitching and evil, mysterious and troubled female characters. Through the Chaos is a journey into the twilight zone. Lost in the mist, we encounter tormented beings, reflections of ourselves living in parallel dimensions. An exploration infused with dark sounds, inviting us to embrace the unfamiliar and to dive deep into our inner selves. For the first time the album is also released on vinyl.


A1 Through the Chaos
A2 Weird Boy
A3 Lady M
A4 The Fortune Teller
A5 Twilight Zone
B1 Doll Heart
B2 Silent Monster
B3 Dead Ringer
B4 In My Flesh
B5 She blames herself

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