Elegant Machinery - Move - Single CD

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relase date: August, 08th 2008 Before the long-awaited new album of Swedish Synth Pop legend Elegant Machinery is due to hit the shops in autumn, the band is spicing up this year’s summer with a new single. The title track “Move” is a picture perfect Pop-anthem – driven by clubby beats, the smooth voice of Robert Enforsen croons through an airy melody that is simply irresistible and catchy as hell. The band again mingles old and new in their very special way: solid and warm analog sounds and a melody that seems to have sprung straight from the golden era of Electro Pop in the mid Eighties are embedded in a production that is firmly based in the here and now. “Move” is the kind of tune that will stay with you and make you feel good instantly! The b-side “Why” is another anthem sporting the group’s trademark sound. To top off the package, the band has included an alternative remix for each of the two songs plus the video clip for “Move” – an amusing and elaborate mini-air-battle-epic. “Move” is a lively Electro hit: the ideal appetizer for Elegant Machinery’s upcoming album. Tracks: 01. Move (Radio Edit) 02. Why 03. Move (Re-Connected Mix) 04. Why (Smaller) CD-Rom Track: Move (Video)
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