Erdling - Yggdrasil (Deluxe Edition) - 2CD

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The Earthling and the World Ash – this is a bond holding since the beginning of the band because Yggdrasil was part of the band emblem from the very first day. Now Erdling dedicated their fourth and yet heaviest album to it coming as close to the fire as never before. Attention: Danger of Burning!

Fearlessly Erdling spread over their full realms and cross frontiers while still standing true to their traits. Anthems such as the first single „Wir sind Midgard“ or „Wölfe der Nacht“ feat. Chis Pohl of Blutengel distinctivly sound like Erdling. But the roots of the World Ash are nocturnal: The band shows a wild and heathen side in Dark Metal songs such as „Grendel“ or „Im Namen der Krähe“ feat. Robse Dahn of Equilibrium. This side just fits to the artwork showing Yggdrasil as it looses its leaves in the storm. Frontman and Songwriter Neill comments: „Our wealth makes us pushing away many things. Death suprises and disturbs us. It is time to return to the basic patterns of earth and life where death is part of existence.“

„Yggdrasil“ will be released as 2-CD Digipak as well as as Die-Hard Wooden Box. This Wooden Box contains the Digipak and the additional bonus CD „2015-2020 – Die Demos“ featuring demo versions and completely unreleased songs. And the World Ash shall be gifted as well: With a small bag of ash seeds, Erdling fans can give back something to nature and set a small hope against the destruction of the earth. A magic refreshing tree covers the smell of the industrialised world with a breeze from the woods. Additionally a recycling pen and a handnumbered certificate of authenticity complete a boxset, that is more than package – it is expression of an album that aims to turn the listener to an active part of a better world.

01. Hel (Intro)
02. Blizzard
03. Wir sind Midgard
04. Hundert Welten
05. Am heiligen Hain
06. Im Namen der Krähe (feat. Robse Dahn)
07. Sturmfänger
08. Blut und Erde
09. Grendel
10. Wölfe der Nacht (feat. Chris Pohl)
11. Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil Bonus Tracks
01. Yggdrasil (Cinematic Medieval Version)
02. Am heiligen Hain (Cinematic Medieval Version)
03. Sturmfänger (Cinematic Medieval Version)
04. Wölfe der Nacht (Cinematic Medieval Version)
05. Kein Schatten Ohne Licht (Cinematic Medieval Version)
06. Absolutus Rex (Cinematic Medieval Version)
07. Winterherz (Cinematic Medieval Version)


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