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Estonian cult group Forgotten Sunrise puts together an enthralling blend of Dark Wave, Synth anthems, Harsh Electro, Martial and Neo Folk elements, thudding break beats and a fascinating foray into sonic madness. Utterly unique, intensely captivating and laced with an air of menace, “Cretinism” is quite simply the most innovative Electro album in years! When was the last time that you heard the Dark Electro scene spawn something really original? Probably quite some time ago. Enter Forgotten Sunrise! The Estonian freethinkers have created their very own sonic universe on “Cretinism”, an utterly imaginative trip into unexplored territories that plays like a menacing, yet highly addictive bastard child of David Lynch, Kirlian Camera, Deine Lakaien, Dead Can Dance and The Prodigy, pierced by ultra-aggressive slashes of death-growl-infused Harsh-Electro-mayhem. What starts out as a darkly tinged Synth-Pop-tune might easily morph into a maddening romp into relentless aggression, Martial and Neo Folk influences go hand in hand with hard electronic club sounds while atmospheric, almost soundtrack-like mind trips are lurking right around the next corner. What makes this mindfuck extraordinaire all the more mesmerizing is how well the diverse elements blend together into a caleidoscopic, yet completely coherent vision. “Cretinism” is a trip that might leave you baffled at first but that will grip you and draw you further and further into its gloomy electronic parallel universe: a “thinking man’s” vision of Dark Electro fronted by a charismatic voice, embedded in imaginative sound designs and infused with a strong anti-religious message in brilliantly constructed lyrics that are as far removed from the dominating horror and serial killer clichés as can be. Religion = blasphemy! “Cretinism” also features a prominent guest star who thoroughly enjoyed his first foray into electronic mayhem: Marko "Holocausto" Laiho from the legendary Black Metal band Beherit adds his trademark death growls to the mesmerizing Dark Electro stomper “…dots”, delivering a gripping contrast to the clean vocals of the group’s main vocalists Anders Melts and Gerty Villo. Multi-layered, often surreal and sometimes shockingly brutal, this is an album that will keep you captivated and coming back for more. Uneasy listening at its very best… or as the band puts it: “Negative music for positive results!” Track Listing: 1. Meaning Of Blood 2. The Moments When God Was Wrong 3. Samewonder 4. Escape I 5. All Ctrl 6. Sisters, Brothers & Other Hellborn Creatures 7. Escape II 8. Tankover Trinity 9. …dots 10. Escape III 11. Numb-erAte 12. Our Oun 13. Niit 14. Bo:gie 15. Escape IV
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