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Funker Vogt

Funker Vogt - Companion In Crime - 2CD - DigiPak 2CD

Format DigiPak 2CD
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Release Date Jun 28, 2013
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German Electro-legend Funker Vogt releases the long-awaited new album “Companion In Crime”: a massive decibel-attack of fat beats, fortright shouts and hard, yet catchy tunes. Available as a regular album CD, as a deluxe double CD and as a special fan box, limited to 333 copies.

All is new, prepare for the storm! Funker Vogt are back and they are not here for idle small talk. “Companion In Crime” is electronic music: raw, harsh, straightforward, radical, honest and right in your face! On their eagerly awaited new album, the lads go straight for the very essence of their sound. What remains is pure Funker Vogt, meaning: beats and bass rule, there are lots of references to the virtues of good old EBM and Jens Kästel is shouting out his guts like there is no tomorrow. The lyrics are quite frequently held in the band’s native German language and are more direct and controversial than ever. But then Funker Vogt have never been afraid of potentially offending the stuck-up parts of society and have always stayed true to the motto: „Ich scheiß’ auf euch und das, was in der Zeitung steht“ (= “I don’t give a shit about you and what the papers say” – from “Mein Weg”.) Henceforth, this time around, they are even more outspoken on what they believe needs to be said. It goes without saying that the band has not forgotten how to produce a fat sound and how to write ultra-catchy melodies, either… quite to the contrary, as the “ass-kicking anthem”-factor on this album is as high as never before. “Companion In Crime” goes straight into your head and your body and takes no prisoners. The album is released as a regular album CD and as a deluxe double CD version with a bonus disc containing more hit-laden Electro-projectiles from the recording sessions that did not fit into the big scheme of the main release itself. For real fans, there will also be a lavish fan set, limited to 333 copies, in a deluxe wooden box with branding, containing the double CD as well as an exclusive T-shirt, a sticker, a keychain in form of brass knuckles and an autographed postcard. This is an offer you cannot refuse. Become a companion in crime!

Track Listing:
1. Columbine
2. Mein Weg
3. Religion
4. Six Feet Under
5. Kampf den Maschinen
6. Gott noch nicht
7. Kill On Command
8. Our Life
9. Kapitulation
10. Warrior Of The World
11. The Firm
12. Revolution
13. Brüder

Bonus Disc:
1. Soldat
2. Battlefield Of Love
3. Salvation
4. Columbine (MassacREmix by Suicide Commando)
5. Six Feet Under (Buried)
6. Gott noch nicht (Extended)

Funker Vogt - Companion In Crime - 2CD - DigiPak 2CD

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