Klutae - Black Piranha - (LImited Edition) - CD

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Digisleeve, ltd. edition of 1000 copies. Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip, Klutæ, Am Tierpark, Sequential Access) is back in full force with his electro punk side alter ego KLUTÆ with a new shiny album. It's been 6 years since his latest output so it's time to get the Electro mosh-pit going again with some fresh new Old-school electro/EBM punk. It doesn’t get any harder than this so hop on and enjoy the ride! Wake up the Punks! “Black Piranha” is released through LÆBEL.

1 The Wire & The Cuffs
2 Submission
3 Insect King
4 Bombs
5 Romania
6 Wake Up The Punks
7 Belly-Up
8 To Be
9 We Breed
10 O.H.C.Y.S.P
11 Fucking Parasite
12 Berlin Burning (feat. Needle Sharing)
13 The Wire & The Cuffs (Spark! Rmx)

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