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As an ex-stage dancer for Boy George and ex-model, Marc Massive has had ample opportunity to look behind the glitzy facades of showbiz and beauty-circus. In his band Massive Ego, he uses his experiences to create the hottest New-Romantic-Dark-Electro-Pop-Industrial-hybrid in recent history. Sporting extravagant outfits and a deliciously mad live show, Massive Ego look like a modern upgrade of the New-Romantic-movement of the Eighties, while at the same time intelligently parodying the photoshopped surface of the beauty-industry's über-egos. Having had what seems a lifetime of opportunities to look behind the faux-magic of the business, Marc Massive syphons his experiences into a fusion of counterculture-glamour and a middle finger stuck firmly in your face, expressed through a wild mix of catchy Synth-Pop, dark Electro-Industrial-influences and New-Romantic-cool, garnished with a healthy dose of black humor. “I Idolize You”, “Dead Silence Rising” and “Low Life” (feat. Empire State Human) instantly implant themselves in the listener's brain with obsession-inducing earworm-qualities. Also including remixes from Aesthetic Perfection and Leaether Strip, plus an assortment of floor-filling alternative versions, “Noise In The Machine”, returns a much-needed element of anarchic glitz to the underground-discos. Please take care: highly addictive! Tracks: 1. I Idolize You (Modification Edit) 2. Generation V (Frixion Mix) 3. Dead Silence Rising (Frixion Mix) 4. I Idolize You (Leaether Strip Remix) 5. I Idolize You (Aesthetic Perfection Mix) 6. I Idolize You (Modification Extended Mix) 7. Generation V (Frixion Extended Mix) 8. Dead Silence Rising (Hellfire Mix) 9. Low Life (Zarkoff Remix) Massive Ego & Empire State Human
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