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„Solve et coagula“ - dissolve and coagulate – are the basic principles of alchemy. With “ALCHEMUSIC I – solve”, exceptional artist Meinhard presents part one of his alchemusical magnum opus on which he, yet again, defies any simple categorization. Right after leading us through a colorful and completely bonkers sonic interpretation of Lewis Carroll's Wonderland on is debut, the flamboyant musical wunderkind is now tackling nothing less than the attempt of solving one of the last riddles of mankind by creating a sonic rendition of the sorcerer's stone. What, at first glimpse, might sound like the mad fantasy of an utter megalomaniac is actually a quite logical next step when taking Meinhard's excessive creativity into account. Therefore, the listener should be aware that anything is possible in this first part of the artist's alchemusical journey (part two is planned for release next year) – anything... except boredom or a conservative adherence to any sort of genre-norm. Meinhard takes elements like acoustic guitars, trumpets, strings and cembalo, mingles them with rock guitars, drum-loops, synthesizers and digital mayhem and creates pure sonic gold. After listening to “ALCHEMUSIC I – solve”, you will be wondering how you could ever have doubted that a daring combination of Folk- and Medieval music, New Wave, Gothic Rock, Prog, Gipsy-Swing, Synth Pop, plus Baroque- and Neo-Classical-stints could result in anything else than pure listening bliss. Meinhard effectively proves himself a master alchemist, creating a maelstrom of emotions, atmosphere and pure addictiveness from a fusion of alleged opposites. Is this genius or is it madness? Perhaps, we should settle on defining it as a combination of both while looking forward to the most deliciously trippy sonic journey the music world has seen in quite some time. Track Listing: 1. Blood+Love 2. humunculus:automaton 3. Knight of Gold 4. 667 - The Neighbor of the Beast 5. eXpelled 6. The Sun Sign 7. YSAYKTW (You Save And You Kill The World) 8. Holy Sun 9. Why Do I...? 10. AtTheRiteSite 11. BPHMT 12. Rhapsody
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