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"ALCHEMUSIC II ? coagula" brings the alchemusical song cycle of Meinhard's two-part magnum opus to a monumental close. Strictly in line with the release's motto, the Chris-Harms-(of Lord Of The Lost-fame) produced album features a myriad of musical liaisons, among them a duet with scene-superstar Chris Pohl (Blutengel.) "Solve et coagula" ? what dissolves shall reconnect. On his new album, Meinhard, musical visionary, lateral thinker, rare bird and sonic alchemist, has set out to fuse lyrical rollercoaster rides with a diverse array of musical styles, from Dark Metal via Medieval Folk straight down to Cabaret, all sprinkled with a heavy victorian-gothic-tinge, thus creating a highly addictive monster of Goth-Rock-Opera. The massive production provides the wildly emotional ride with just the right amount of bang and tumbles the listener head-on into an alechemusical maelstrom of dark atmosphere, playful madness and harsh power. Following the album's motto, "ALCHEMUSIC II ? coagula", is also a powerful fusion of musical talent, sporting an illustrious array of guests. The release not only features the Meinhard + Blutengel-collaboration "Kinder der Sterne" (also included as a Blutengel & Meinhard-version on Blutengel's latest mini album "In alle Ewigkeit"), which sees the prince of darkness and the mad alchemist engage in a mesmerizing duet, but producer Chris Harms also didn't need to be asked twice for a vocal contribution to "This Misery." Furthermore, his colleagues in Lord Of The Lost, Gared Dirge and Tobias Mertens, provided some additional visionary musical input and Comte Caspar (Coppelius), Marcus Engel (Rabia Sorda) and Erik Damköhler (A Life Divided) all contributed to this artistic attempt of synthesizing the true sonic equivalent of the sorcerer's stone. If Tim Burton had become a musician instead of a film director, it is highly probable that he would be sounding exactly like Meinhard! Track Listing: I. (burning hope) II. Mein kaltes Herz III. ALCHEMYSTERY IV. a melody that can't be found V. All That Is Well Will End VI. This Misery VII. G.O.D.//D.E.M.O.N VIII. divine IX. Kinder der Sterne X. ...don't get lost along the way XI. formula XII. sundown(moonrise) XIII. The Vessel
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