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release date june the 24th 2011 On its second outing “Bittersüß” (= bittersweet), Mina Harker effectively merges the lively feel inherent to German Alternative Rock with powerfully catchy electronic Pop music and a carefully added dark note. The album sports a much more mature sound than the singer’s debut, with arrangements that have been watered down to their very essence for maximum impact. Lyrics are highly emotional, often very direct and, at times, provocative, destined to do more than just scratch the surface. On “Bittersüß”, Mina Harker dances a stirring high wire act, balancing the scales between teenage “Sturm & Drang” and the tackling of big feelings. Versatile vocalist Mina plays out her full spectrum of emotions, alternating between childlike and innocent, steamily lascivious and powerfully raw, making “Bittersüß” a hit-laden summer storm that is bound to go under your skin. The first edition of the album is released as a double CD including a bonus disc with exclusive songs, remixes and alternative versions. The world is bittersweet. Tracklist: 1. Bittersüß 2. Macht 3. Rache ist süß 4. Fort von mir 5. Lolita 6. Schmutzige Hände 7. Wenn ich von Dir träum 8. Nie mehr allein 9. Verdammnis in mir 10. Nackt 11. Nichts zu verlieren Bonus CD 1. Gorzko-S
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