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Phasenmensch - Tagebuch eines Eremiten - CD

Format CD
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Release Date May 6, 2013
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PHASENMENSCH joins the HANDS roster with a deliberately genre-defying album that covers the entire range from ambience over downbeats, Industrial sounds and uptempo dancefloor smashers (both broken and straight) to noise. ?Tagebuch eines Eremiten? features remixes and collaborations by NEEDLE SHARING, PHILIPP MÜNCH and many more. It is held together by a knack for atmosphere, providing a pleasant and coherent listening experience ? so feel free to browse through the pages of the hermit?s diary!

Phasenmensch was started in 2009 as a creative outlet by German-based musical autodidact Wolfram Bange. The intention was - and is - to provide a sonic vehicle for the conservation, reflection and communication of emotions and thoughts. Phasenmensch creates music intuitively, without a target audience in mind; it?s all about expression through sound. Clues are taken from Wolfram?s preoccupation with language and philosophy as sciences, especially with the individualist worldview of existentialism.

So far Phasenmensch has produced four self-released CD-Rs. ?Tagebuch eines Eremiten? is a big step forward, not only because of the attention it will receive as a HANDS release, but also because it features strongly refined recording techniques, a range of analogue sounds and a list of renowned collaborators.
The album is conceptually based on a process of self-discovery, the quest for meaning in the face of freedom and almost unbearable individual responsibility.

Musically it is far from headstrong though, a very enjoyable and physical experience:
The opener ?Rotoskopie? starts with airy atmospheres before it gets more and more condensed, with pulses and compulsive beats closing in on you; ?Rigorismus? and ?Thesis? are equally sample-heavy on a lighter note, before ?Friedlich. Freudlos. Endgültig neutral? surprises with an almost generic techno beat which is twisted and distorted to perfection. DIRK GEIGER contributed sounds to the pompous, arcane ?Nebel? while DECUNTSTRUCTIVISION added to Epoché what comes out as an atmospheric tech step. ?Inferno aus Sand? and ?Rastlos? provide some calmer, soothing moments, before ?Anschlag bei Nacht? [feat. ICD-10] crushes everything at high-velocity Industrial Hardcore pace and ?Poesie der Verstörung? closes the regular part of the album with a purifying noise collage.
Overtime: ?Rotoskopie? is remixed by PHILIPP MÜNCH who adds some outerworldly uptempo metallic beats, ?Thesis? is remixed no less than three times, the results being a playful tech step piece by NEEDLE SHARING, a glitch fantasy by ACCESS TO ARASAKA and ambiental bliss by DALOT.

Very electronic in sound, very eclectic in nature, ?Tagebuch eines Eremiten? is a debut which is convincingly determined, a real treat for those who have a heart for diversion and a taste for quality.


4.Friedlich. Freudlos. Endgültig neutral
5.Nebel [feat. Dirk Geiger]
6.Epoché [feat. Decuntstructivision]
7.Inferno aus Sand [Tagebuch eines Eremiten]
9.Anschlag bei Nacht [feat. ICD-10]
10.Poesie der Verstörung
11.Rotoskopie [Philipp Münch Remix]
12.Thesis [Needle Sharing Remix]
13.Thesis [Access to Arasaka Remix]
14.Thesis [Dalot Remix]

Phasenmensch - Tagebuch eines Eremiten - CD

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