Terminal Choice - Black Journey 3 - 2CD

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release date: february the 18th 2011 Black Journey“, parts 1-3, are the beginning of a comprehensive anthology of one of the most important German Dark-Electro-bands on three separate double-CD releases. The band, fronted by Blutengel-mastermind Chris Pohl, has been writing Dark-Electro-history for more than 15 years and has recorded countless genre classics. Black Journey 3: The third part of the anthology contains the band’s two most successful releases to date: “Ominous Future” and “Menschenbrecher”, on which Terminal Choice infused their massive Dark Electro style with solid walls of guitar riffs, thus creating a hyperactive Industrial-Rock-inferno. The band has contributed some more demos and rarities to this release as well, making “Black Past 3” an absolute “must-have” for any dark electronic record collection. CD1 01. The Savior 02. No Chance (Anger Version)   03. Animal 04. Armageddon 05. In Your Soul 06. Human Hunter 07. Universe Of Love 08. Time 09. On The Battlefield 10. My Way 11. New World 12. I Kissed Her 13. Perverted Love 14. White Angel CD2 01. She's The Devil   02. Menschenbrecher   03. You Don't Deserve Me   04. Injustice   05. Stay With Me   06. Warriors From Outa Space   07. Engelstod   08. Pull The Trigger   09. Eiszeit   10. Why Me ?   11. Out Of The Dark   12. Be Like Me 13. Pull The Trigger (Remixed By Unheilig) 14. Rockstar (Album Version)  15. Animal (re-loaded) 16. Amok 
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