Then Comes Silence - Blood (Deluxe Edition) - CD

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The amazing “Blood” was originally released in October 2017 (on Nuclear Blast), and marked the big breakthrough for the band! Still until today, “Blood” is their best selling album so far. It contains highlights such as 'Warm Like Blood', Strange Kicks' and 'Good Friday'. The album was released on CD, Vinyl and in a limited Deluxe edition in Digibook, including 3 Bonus-Tracks.


01 The Dead Cry for No One
02 Flashing Pangs of Love
03 Strange Kicks
04 My Bones
05 In Leash
06 Choose Your Poison
07 Good Friday
08 The Rest will follow
09 Magnetic
10 Warm like Blood
11 Mercury
12 Into Death Alone
13 For the Wicked
14 Blood Beat

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