Then Comes Silence - III Nyctophilian - CD

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Third album by Then Comes Silence, originally released in March 2015 (on black vinyl) and re- released in the band’s own label in limited YELLOW Vinyl! The album notably features the hit single 'Strangers', which is the most played track EVER by Then Comes Silence - very popular among the goth and postpunk scene. 'Strangers' reached 500K views on Youtube and is close to 2 milion streams on Spotify. Other highlights on this classic album are 'Animals' and 'She loves the Night'.


1 Strangers
2 She loves the Night
3 A living Soul should know
4 Spinning faster
5 Feed the Beat
6 Demon's Nest
7 Animals
8 Death rides 
9 Wendy 
10 Everywhere and in My Head 
11 All Strange

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