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It seems that Pontus Stålberg has had a little too much time on his hands in the past few months. With proactive support from his old chum Lars Karlsson, he formed the project Turnbull A.C’s – a truly massive affair, indeed! The debut album’s title can be seen as programmatic: the tracks are angry as hell and perfect for an alcohol-induced pogo party as well… all depending on how you wish to read the word “pissed.” The evil brother of Spetsnaz is definitely Old School EBM – yet a tad more straightforward and aggressive. Pontus and Lars may be able to drink without having fun (“We Can Drink Without Having Fun”), but “Let’s Get Pissed” delivers the fun factor in loads, its smashing tracks being an altogether irresistible invitation to uninhibited body movement. Pontus must have pent-up a whole lot of aggression, though, because these tunes are definitely harder than usual… and he is not exactly renowned for being the introverted type. The music was stripped to its bare essentials, as Turnbull A.C’s come straight to the point with beats, bass and shouts in eleven hard but catchy Old School tunes. Spetsnaz fans will also most certainly not be disappointed, as it always clearly shimmers through who is behind the music. The ideal soundtrack for relieving your aggression and for dance floor workouts. Turnbull A.C’s: the Hardcore Hooligans strike again! Tracklisting: 01. We Can Drink Without Having Fun 02. All In Vein 03. Rejected 04. Anthem 05. Man Made Modern Machines 06. Lovesong 07. Secrets To Die For 08. Sweet Toothed Candy 09. Flatline 10. Twisted 11. Lost Release date: 13th June 2008
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