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Limited 2LP version, heavyweight color vinyl (blue/white) + bonus tracks. Iconic Finnish Melodic-Death-Metal group Bloodred Hourglass‘ critically acclaimed new album finally gets a world-wide release. A boundary-breaking genre-milestone, "Heal" will be released as a regular album CD, a deluxe 2-disc-edition (containing the group's previous release "Where The Oceans Burn" as a bonus) and as a limited blue and white double vinyl edition. Climbing to a sensational #13 in the Finnish charts, "Heal's" lavish melodies and in-your-face rifforama see Bloodred Hourglass taking a progressive leap, entering the upper echelon of Finnish bands, ready for international breakthrough. A regular favorite in the national festival circuit, the band combines elements and influences from various different musical genres, with the main focus obviously being on Metal. Fast drum patterns, thrashy riffage within big guitar walls, a lot of melodic atmosphere from the keyboards, together with growling and screaming aggressive vocals are the main architects behind the sound of this five-piece. Firmly grounded in the here and now, the band’s lyrical themes are focused on the individual’s experience of everyday life, as well as on environmental issues. With "Heal", Bloodred Hourglass are taking the Melodic-Death-Metal-genre to the next level. Track Listing Vinyl: A1 Quiet Complaint - 03:44 A2 The Last Of Us - 04:14 A3 Architects - 03:23 A4 We Form The Broken - 04:26 15:47 B1 Remnants - 05:59 B2 Six Feet Saviour - 03:51 B3 Divinia - 04:27 14:17 C1 Times We Had - 04:46 C2 Requiem Of Our Last Days - 11:29 16:15 D1 Valkyrie - 03:49 D2 Where The Sinners Crawl - 04:10 D3 Oceans On Fire - 04:35 12:34