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Pitch-black songs for the dark time of the year... on their new single „Freundschaft“ (=friendship), OST+FRONT really wallow in their most acidic brand of cynical satire, wryly unmasking socialist clichés and verbiages on a thudding backdrop of German Metal-mayhem. More often than not, the vilest stories are not conceived in the minds of pulp-writers, but are really happening out there, in the real world. It was not too long ago that a nasty story about potency pills derived from aborted fetuses or stillborn babies from China that were supposedly sold to the South Korean bourgeoisie for a lot of money dominated the tabloids. For the natural born cynic and keen observer Hermann Ostfront, this was the ideal peg to hang a satire about all the dogmas and verbiages that he experienced during his youth in socialist East Germany on. Thus, he created a gorgeously nasty anthem on a foundation of massive Electronica, thundering drums and a stakkato of Metal-guitar-riffs that gives an entirely new meaning to the easily dished-out phrase of "Freundschaft" (=friendship.) Next to the title track, the new single contains five highly creative remixes/reinventions of songs from the charts-hitting album "Olympia" by fellow bands Lord Of The Lost, Heimataerde, Forgotten Sunrise, Tanzwut and Heldmaschine. And as a real sign of friendship, OST+FRONT have also included two exclusive, previously unreleased songs: "Wanderlust" and the long-requested early song "Tschernobyl" that the band had uploaded to their Myspace account as a demo-version in their early days. Risen from ruins and facing the future – OST+FRONT macht frei! Tracks: 1. Freundschaft 2. Wanderlust 3. Tschernobyl 4. Sonne, Mond & Todesstern (Remix by Lord Of The Ost) 5. Feuer und Eisen (Aneto Remix by Heimataerde) 6. Anders (Ständ Remix by Forgotten Sunrise) 7. Perfekt (Tanzwut Remix) 8. Liebeslied (Heldmaschine Remix)
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