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DIE KREATUR – a mysterious figure brought to life by scene idols Dero Goi (OOMPH!) and Chris Harms (LORD OF THE LOST) – will let out its first cry on the upcoming, outstanding Gothic Rock / Neue Deutsche Härte album, Panoptikum, to be released via Napalm Records on May 22, 2020. A dark, ominous fusion of musical creativity will cast a spell on the listener and transport them straight back into the morbid side of centuries-past. The enthralling new album offers a breathtaking symbiosis of the musical identities of both singers which is reflected in songs like the explosive “Benutz Mich” or the unsettling “Kälter als der Tod”. With organ parts and heavy riffs, “Gott Verdammt” oscillates between power and powerlessness while “Schlafes Braut” is a classic macabre ballad that evokes a mystical atmosphere. The title track, “Die Kreatur”, convinces with Neue Deutsche Härte influences and brutally honest lyrics. Freshly freed from the enslaving clutches of darkness, DIE KREATUR will trigger a musical earthquake.

2.   Kälter Als Der Tod
3.   Unzertrennlich
4.   Durch Die Nacht
5.   Zwei 100%
6.   Schlafes Braut
7.   Untergang
8.   Mensch/Maschine
9.   Was Mir Am Wichtigsten Ist
10. Benutz Mich
11. Glück Auf!
12. Gott Verdammt
13. Goldener Reiter

14. DIE KREATUR (Faderhead Remix)
15. Kälter Als Der Tod (Solar Fake Remix)

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