Balance Breach - Dead End Diaries - CD

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Finest metalcore from Finland turns out even more fresh and unique, as the Finnish Tuska Open Air’s band competition winners, Balance Breach, unleash their upcoming debut album "Dead End Diaries", out on July 3rd, 2020 via Out Of Line Music.

The hard work started to pay off when Balance Breach won the Tuska band competition and reclaimed their place in the biggest Nordic metal festival "Tuska Open Air” in 2019. After the band’s festival debut, Balance Breach finished writing their debut album.

The shared vision of these five guys presents their take on how the best possible metal music in the 21st century should sound. The experience gained on their journey has shaped Balance Breach's music to even more catchy and aggressive direction that will be heard on the band's debut album, which will be released through Out Of Line Music label from Berlin, Germany in summer. The future promises a lot of good things for this five-piece metalcore act, so you'd better pay attention to this rising talent from Finland.


1. Most of This
2. Double Down
3. The Wolves Are Out
4. Dead End Diaries
5. Aurora
6. Mandate
7. November
8. Show You the Sun
9. Bad Blood
10. Here and Gone

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