Soman - Global - CD

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TRI 702
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Translated into music, it means that it’s not only harsh for the simple sake of it. “Global” is an arranged piece, a coherent, a self-contained record with the highest highs and the lowest lows. Aggressive if needs be, soft if needs be, guiding us from futuristic and progressive techno dystopias via mesmerising trance and classic electro craft to nostalgic wave and monotonous EBM. And back again. Somebody really let off steam here, that’s for sure. And the good thing is: Now it’s our turn.

01 Global
02 Neurologist
03 DIO
04 Neon Signs
05 Damascene
06 Strobe Light (Vocal Mix)
07 C.O.D.E.
08 Stronghold
09 Border
10 Enter Heaven
11 UpDown
12 Hard Floor

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