Suicide Commando - Dein Herz, Meine Gier / Bunkerb!tch (Limited Edition) - CDS

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It is time to pay tribute to the deeds of a legend. Just before the release of the rerecorded Hellelektro classic „Mindstrip“ that took the pioneer position in Hard Electro for Suicide Commando, there will be an edgy club single featuring four highlights of the band: The club hit „Dein herz, meine gier“ taken of the „Love Breeds suicide“-EP got a full remake, and as well did the „Mindstrip“ album track „Blood In the Face“, giving an appetizer to what is to expect on „Mindstrip Redux“ – the classics got an affectionate make over connecting the early 2000 atmosphere with nowadays technical possibilities. „Bunkerb!tch“ is a completely new track in the tradition of the big Suicide Commando dancefloor massacres. Fitting in just perfect, the second new track „Belief“ is completely nocturnal and all in the style of „Mindstrip“. „Dein herz, meine gier/Bunkerb!tch“ will be released as club single limited on 999 pieces.

01 Dein herz, meine gier (REanimate 2020)
02 Blood in face (first aid mix)
03 Bunkerb!tch
04 Belief

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