I Am Your God - The Resurrection - CD

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With the stormy attitude of the youth, I Am Your God combine melodies and heavy riffs in the typical scandinavian way and transfer of 2000's Melodic Death Metal into present times. On their debut "The Resurrection" they show that they are hungry and ready to strike! "The Resurrection" contains a lot of adrenaline that will make your head to spin, but as much there is a bunch of beautiful & catchy melodies", vocalist Julius Vetämäjärvi characterizes the album and perfectly describes the energy of the music. Because I Am Your God put their emotions in first class ctachy yet aggressive: "You can feel the bitterness, sadness and pure anger," Julius claims, "but also our ambition and bright hope for the better times." Heavily influenced by the classics of bands such as Children Of Bodom, In Flames, At The Gates, Soilwork and Insomnium, I Am Your God already have an identity driven by the energy of a band that steps out to change the world!


1. Nothing to Leave Behind
2. Believe Again
3. The Loop
4. Flowers on Your Grave
5. Silent Killer
6. In Those Times
7. Fall With Me
8. Betrayal
9. Gravedigger
10. As the Light Goes Down

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