Blutengel & Massive Ego - Nothing But A Void (Limited Edition) - MaxiCD

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It is a story, that just seems too beautiful, too perfect, to be true: Blutengel singer Chris Pohl and Massive Ego frontman go on tour together, become friends and get as close that they want to collaborate for a song in the end. Now they made that story come true in writing the Dark Wave Club Hit „Nothing But A Void“, that coul only come to existence due two like minded creatives.

„Marc and me are not only colleagues. On our tour together we realized that we have a lot of interests and views in common. Plus he became one of my favourite singers“, Chris comments. So it was just a matter of time to create something together, and the time was just right now: „Whilst we’ve all been unable to play live it was cool to be contacted by Chris who suggested we work together as a way to beat the pandemic blues with creativity.“, Marc remembers. And it is this creativity that brings together the punching Future Pop of Massive Ego with the dark romantic of Blutengel – a collaboration on one level unifying the best of two worlds. „Nothing But A Void“ will be released as limited, hand-numbered CD (1000 world wide) club single with no less than six remixes.

1. Nothing But A Void (Original)
2. Nothing But A Void (Alex VRT Remix)
3. Nothing But A Void (Auger Remix)
4. Nothing But A Void (Alternative Version)
5. Nothing But A Void (Omnimar Remix)
6. Nothing But A Void (Rob Dust Remix)
7. Nothing But A Void (Scot Collins Remix)

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