Suicide Commando - Bang Bang Bang (Limited Edition) - MCD

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To kick off the forthcoming album by Belgian hard-electro pioneers Suicide Commando, Johan van Roy and Co. present a little foretaste of what to expect: bang bang bang.
This 4-track maxi-CD will be available from April 14th. on the ears, in the tradition of the great Suicide Commando dance floor massacres - strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide.
„Each day too many people die from gun violence!
Even though the song actually is about gun violence, it now also got an extra dimension with the current war in Ukrain. How power, greed and hate can cause destruction & war.
Make music, not war!“ so Johan van Roy about the new single.
In addition to "Bang bang bang" there is also the single "Trick or Treat" - which was released for Halloween 2021, on the maxi, as well as a remix of each of these tracks.

1. Bang bang bang (single version)
2. Bang bang bang (C-lekktor remix)
3. Trick or Treat
4. Trick or Treat (F U C K B O T remix)

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