True North - Out Loud - CD

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True North is an alternative-rock band formed in 2016. Their current line up consists of Joel Ferber, Tim Beken, Sean Hansen,  Morgan Kibler, and Michael Cisterna. Drawing inspiration from mid-2000's scene rock as well as modern pop music, the band continues to create nostalgic yet modern-day music that is sure to make waves in the rock music scene. The band invokes intense emotion from their listeners by seamlessly transitioning haunting and atmospheric verses into powerful, yet perfectly syncopated choruses. Their dark and edgy, yet sleek branding ties it all together, and is quickly helping them gain traction on their most recent releases. Now True North release their debut full-length album „Out Loud“ on July 15th!

1. Not Alone
2. Your Confession
3. Save Me
4. Out Loud
5. Fix
6. Breaking Point
7. Underneath The Lines
8. Picture Perfect
9. Stalemate
10. Feel Anything
11. Center Frame
12. Gasoline

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