Hocico - Bite me! - Single CD

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Release Date: 15. April 2011 Right on time for their extensive European Tour, the Mexican pioneers of hard electronic sounds return with a mauling club monster that is aptly titled „Bite Me!“ The title track is one of the most popular floor fillers from the successful album “Tiempos de Furia” and plays out all the strengths of the wild duo: it is an inferno of thudding beats, relentless anger and catchy electronica. The new CD maxi comes in a limited Digipak and features three searing remixes of “Bite Me!” (by Hocico, CHROM and Rotersand), alongside two very strong b-side tracks: the dark and heavy “Embraced By The Light” and the clubby “Silence Is The Death.” Caution: will bite! Tracklist: 1. Bite me! (The Beautiful Assholes H-Mix) 2. Bite me! (Rotersand Rework) 3. Bite me! (CHROM Remix) 4. Silence is the death 5. Embraced by the light
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