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V.A. - Old School Electrology Vol. 1 - Box Set - 4CD Box

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Release Date Sep 28, 2012
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Released already quite some time ago, but very hard to find – AMAZING, MASSIVE, EXAGERATED
Deluxe digibook, incl. 35 pages, oversized full colour booklet with information and photos on all bands
Involved in this project, that was in the making since year 2006!
Finally every old school fan's dream come true: classic electro acts and mega-talented neo-old school
bands have joined forces to deliver over 5 hours of STELLAR old school pleasure!
Divided into a disc for old-school EBM, one for “authentic dark elektro”, with the remaining two disks
featuring a mixture of both, OSE has a more than adequate canvas upon which to paint its vision. The
first features the most well-known groups on it, with bands already known to EBM fans, delivering all
the no-frills muscle and hate one would expect.

Artists/Tracks CD1 ‘Old School EBM’:
01 Agrezzior "Statue Of Liberty"
02 Astma "Honor And Glory"
03 Darkmen "Take It Back"
04 DRP "Electro Pussy"
05 Ekobrottsmyndigheten "Get Your Fists Up"
06 Ionic Vision "Hate"
07 K-Bereit "Blackened"
08 Lescure 13 "Destruktor"
09 Machine Soldier "Body Anonymous"
10 Oldschool Union "Perkele"
11 Ondska "Storm"
12 Orange Sector "Noise"
13 Warsaw Pact "Domination"
14 PPF "Repression"
15 Presto Fervant "Bullseye"
16 Serpents "Kommt Ndher"
17 Spark! "Modern Slaves"
18 Synaptic Defect "Electrofreak"
19 T.A.N.K. "Game Of Men"
20 UGH...! "Rage Against Trancewhackedgoregalore"
CD2 ‘Authentic Dark Elektro’:
01 Terminal State "Black Salt"
02 IC 434 "Skullwatch"
03 Brain Leisure "Self Reality"
04 Amnistia "Pretended"
05 Morgue Mechanism "Simulation"
06 Second Disease "Ecstatic"
07 Necrotek "Revenant"
08 Severe Illusion "My Car Is Burning In Hell"
09 Nordschlacht "The Collective"
10 Pro Patria "H2SO4"
11 Red+Test "Holy War"
12 Object "Humiliating Procedures"
13 tEaR!doWn "Tempting Harlots"
14 Seven Trees "Presend Decay"
15 Putrefy Factor 7 "Confrontation"
16 God Experiment "Shiver"
17 Trial "Old School Mission"
18 Morticians "ARt Of Pain"
CD3 ‘Assemblage: Authentic Dark Elektro & Old School EBM’:
01 To Avoid "Payback"
02 Breathe "Im Raum Der Zeit"
03 Disharmony "Access Points"
04 DeltaE "Acceleration"
05 MC1R "Neuropathy"
06 Kalte Farben "Retrospective"
07 The Holocaust Humanity "Alive"
08 JIHAD "Seven Skies"
09 Yelworc "Teufels Dreizack"
10 Splatter Squall "The Summoning"
11 One Eye Wanders "Misdiagnosis"
12 Instans "Robot"
13 Collapsed System "Stay Tough"
14 Autodafeh "Dog Tag"
15 A.D.A.C. 8286 "Stvrtebecker"
16 Neukampf "Duell Duet"
17 NTRSN "The Coming Ends"
18 Tech Nomader "Nomad"
CD4 ‘Amalgamation: Old School EBM& Authentic Dark Elektro’:
01 Armageddon Dildos "Out Of Cotrol"
02 Digital Factor "Electric Body"
03 Guerrilla "Walk Away"
04 Sleepwalk "Final Curtain"
05 The Blister Exists "For The Squad"
06 Injector "Scream"
07 Haujobb "Letting The Demons Sleep"
08 Venetian Blind "Instead Of Tears"
09 Total Harmonic Distortion "Reversions/Mutations"
10 Elite! "So Wie Wir"
11 Kraft "Meine Liebe"
12 Stin Scatzor "Noise In My Stomach"
13 Frontal "Zeig Mir"
14 Tri-State "Avatar"
15 Amgod "Deathrider"
16 U.M.M. "Cocktail Molotov"
17 Kraftakt "Ich Bin Nicht Da"
18 Defecto Nagrobek "Ich War Ein Knabe"
19 BodyFarm "EBM Macht Stark"
20 Page 12 "Seasons End"
+ ‘Virtual Diamonds’ exclusive Downloads:
01 Parade Ground & P. Codenys “Marble Mind”
02 Container 90 “Bla Bla Bla”
03 Kalteidiode ‘Old School Addicts”
04 Mekanik Disorder “Am I falling?”
05 Void Kampf “Karmellet (UnoMix byCollapsed System)”

V.A. - Old School Electrology Vol. 1 - Box Set - 4CD Box

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