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V.A. - Throne - 2CD - DigiPak 2CD

Format CD
SKU S115344
Release Date May 27, 2013
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A nice-price 2CD sampler of Cold Springs current AND forthcoming releases. 33 original tracks spanning over 100 releases, since the last label sampler ?Swarm?. ?Throne? encompasses Industrial, Dark Ambient, Ritual, Japanese Noise, Drone, Power Electronics, Death Industrial, Dark Folk, Orchestral music. A wonderful collection for you to discover the world of Cold Spring. Officially released 17th May at Wave Gotik Treffen.
Artists/Tracks CD1: 01 Iron Fist of the Sun?Who will help Me wash My right Hand 02 Kreuzweg Ost?Calvaria 03 Sleep Research Facility?Stealth1 (excerpt) 04 TenHornedBeast?Cimmeria 05 Splinterskin?The Thing that wasn?t 06 C.C.C.C.?Chaos is the Cosmos (excerpt) 07 Hirsute Pursuit feat. Boyd Rice?Boys keep swinging 08 Heldentod?In-corruptible 09 Satori?Entity 10 NDE?Untitled 11 Rose Rovine e Amanti?Demian 12 Nordvargr?Tordön 13 Merzbow & Z?EV?Spiral left (excerpt) 14 Steven Severin?Through a Glass darkly 15 Sutcliffe Jugend?Carnage 16 Emme Ya?Descending to astral Void (Solve et Coagula) CD2: 01 Goatvargr-Goatsbane/Scapewolf 02 Von Thronstahl?Gloomy white Sunday 03 Z?EV?V2=U2-2 (excerpt) 04 Skullflower?Hanged Man?s Seed 05 All Hail the transcending Ghost?In-tornator 06 Prurient?Specter of a Child 07 Deadwood?A.V.E 08 Cages?If it flies, it dies (excerpt) 09 Wicked King Wicker?The high exalted Nothing 10 Merzbow vs Nordvargr?Heterotic String Hybrid 11 South Saturn Delta?Banish-ment Snake (excerpt) 12 Sagittarius?Uni Ja Kuolema 13 Fire in the Head?Gag Order 14 Sistrenatus?Slow-Wave 15 Sehnsucht?Sult (excerpt) 16 Merzbow?Anicca Part.1 (excerpt) 17 Anni Hogan?Mother Goddess

V.A. - Throne - 2CD - DigiPak 2CD

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