Cetu Javu - Southern Lands (Limited Edition) - 2LP

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Cetu Javu - Southern Lands (Limited Edition) - 2LP

Javier Revilla and Chris Demere, both from Hanover and inspired by electronic music of Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre, started to experiment with sounds since the late 70’s. The arrival of New Wave with bands like Heaven 17, The Human League, Soft Cell and Depeche Mode influenced these teenagers to began Cetu Javu in 1984 with Javier on vocals, Chris on synths, guitar, programming, Torsten Engelke on keyboards and Stefen Engelke on bass. In 1985, the band won the third place in a contest, a year later opened for Erasure and released their first single "Help Me Now!” in 1987 on their own label Deme Records. Like their compatriots Camouflage, Cetu Javu were unapologetically Depeche Mode-like in their sound, but with a fairly original twist on their synth pop formula. Their extremely catchy 1988 singles "Situations" and "Have in Mind" were instant hits on dance clubs and even received airplay on U.S. alternative radio stations. The band signed a contract with ZYX Records and released their debut album “Southern Lands” in 1990 followed by a tour together with Wolfsheim and Blind Passengers as supporting acts. “Southern Lands” is re-released including all original songs plus some extended versions, remixes and bonus tracks from the accompanying singles “Situations", “Have in Mind" and "So Strange".


Southern Lands
Love Me
Words Without Thoughts
So Strange
Get It
Bad Dreams
Have In Mind
A Dónde
¿Quién Lo Sabía?
Fight Without A Reason
Situations (Extended Version)
Have In Mind (Kalimba Mix)
China Girl (Dino Mix)
¡Quiero Verte!
So Strange (Extended Version)
A Dónde (Extended Version) 

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