Consvmer. - Seelenfrieden - LP/TS - Bundle

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The Album will be released the 06.09.2024 which will be presented in a bundle that contains Limited Colored LP + T-Shirt!

With german texts and their diverse mix of heavy music styles, Consvmer. are one of a kind in their scene and now treat the world to a brand new record "Seelenfrieden".

The roots of the band trace back to their elementary school days when the three founding members Daniel Fischer, Dennis Fischer and Dennis Ackermann discovered their passion for music. In 2022, Fabian Schuhmacher joined the band as a bassist. Their shared history has shaped the musical style of Consvmer., characterised by a blend of progressive metal, beatdown and metalcore. The band is highly socially critical, addressing the darkest topics of our society in their lyrics.

This band sets no musical boundaries and their creative diversity is reflected not only in their music but also in their self-produced music videos and artworks. With a profound social awareness and musical experimentation, Consvmer. have earned a solid place in the metal scene also internationally, even with all their songs being written in german. Their unique combination of powerful rhythms, provocative themes, and creative independence makes Consvmer. a band that captures attention not only through their music but also through their stance.

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Consvmer. - Seelenfrieden - LP/TS - Bundle
Consvmer. - Seelenfrieden - LP/TS - Bundle

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