Corlyx - Blood In The Disco - CD

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Sexy, stylish, cool - Caitlin Stokes and Brandon Ashley live and breathe this triad. Visually and musically, the two globetrotters from Los Angeles are a feast for the eyes as well as ears. Almost all of the twelve songs on the new album “Blood In The Disco” call for a midnight dance on the graves of all kinds of dark genres: Glam-induced melodies hold hands with vibrant Electro sounds, coquetting with an exceptional Dark Wave attitude and the 80s, the post-punk guitars always leaning on the puckered hip bones. This mix touches hearts and may even break a few. When Lord Of The Lost lead Chris Harms or Marc Massive from Massive Ego take over the mic for a moment, one can’t help but feel immersed in a better world, alternating between hyperbolical cheers and deadly misery. Death Pop is when we dance anyway!

1) Atrophy

2) Raindrops (Featuring Massive Ego)

3) The Echo

4) The Taste

5) Take Off Everything

6) Neverlove (Featuring Chris Harms / Lord Of The Lost)

7) Incinerate

8) Lace And Latex

9) Like A Dagger

10) The Threshold

11) 3.2.1.

12) Raindrops (Nero Argento Remix)

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