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Love? - Electronically Yours## - 2CD

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Release Date Nov 1, 2013
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Love?, who is Love?

Love? is an electro-pop group from Germany and a child of the 80ies.

Love?'s musical styles have been called synth-pop, dark electronic and electronic pop.

Love? loves working with old analog instruments, quality and chance are important.

Love? loves fragile vibes as much as thundering beats.

Love? is open for new influences, one can find 80's inspired songs aside rhythm-driven "4 to the floor", drum and bass or big beat reminiscent rhythms, catchy hooks alongside unusual song structures...

Love? is Wonderboy (vocals, electronics and rhythms), Miss Violett (electronics, rhythms and noise) TI (language translator, just being himself) and electronic friends.

Love? is undoubtedly influenced by artists such as Stockhausen, Kraftwerk, early Depeche Mode, Camouflage, The Art of Noise, I Start Counting, Clock DVA, etc..
Love? Formation: Love? was formed in 1997, evolving as a result of the success of the song “In Your Hands” by the group “OVERGARMENT” (Vocalist OVM01 aka Wonderboy).
Following a TV appearance in Stefan Raab's show, the response was so big, that it was decided to continue production in this direction.
Love?'s Discography: 1997 the first EP “Soundz for Lovers” (Produced by Carlos Peron) was released. Accompanied by live performances with Beborn Beton and De/Vision amongst others, recording began for the debut album “Unique”, which was produced by Heiko Maile (Camouflage) and released in 1998.
Love?'s “Unique” is still appreciated by electronic music enthusiasts today.
Love? in Turbulent Times: During the following years more songs were written, the music business / label landscape collapsed. In spite of having several release options, Love? decided against further releases, opting for occasional live performances until starting to work with producer Olaf Wollschläger (production for Mesh, And One, etc.) on new Love? Songs in 2008.
The 12 new songs were mastered on a double of the legendary Abbey Road Mastering by mastering guru John Cremer, sounding warm and authentic, just as expected.
Fact is:
The main driving force behind Love? is the consideration of the question “Love? ...does true love exist?”
Love? is and remains, “Electronically Yours”.
01. This City
02. I Walk Alone
03. I Want You
04. I Need My Baby
05. Like Back In The 80s
06. Mein Taschenrechner Und Ich
07. Shivering Skin
08. The Sign
09. Sex Me, I' am A Robot
10. In Your Hands (The Complete Story)
11. No Love
12. Monochild
3" In Your Memory (Love? Version)

Love? - Electronically Yours## - 2CD

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