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Rough metal riffings, powerful lyrics and a fantastic live show: this is the result of more than five years of hard work in which ERDLING never put on the brakes. In 2016 the dark metal combo released their debut album "Aus den Tiefen" and entered the top 100 of the German album charts straight away. Three more chart entries, successful tours, initially as support for bands like Megaherz, Lord of the Lost and Hämatom, later as headlining act, eternally carved ERDLING's message in stone. With their last album "Yggdrasil", the quartet broke their own records several times: sold out clubs and box sets and entries on many Spotify playlists raised ERDLING to a new level. Reasons enough to keep moving and work on new material.

Where warriors who have died gloriously on the battlefield go to Valhalla, everyone else is banished to the deepest and darkest of all worlds: HELHEIM. Here, all those who became victims to disease and insidiousness live a bleak, eternal existence. In here rest the souls that will be forever forgotten. Helheim is a place that is rarely mentioned in Germanic mythology, as the minority actually fell on the battlefield. The band around singer Neill Freiwald dedicates itself to this topic on their fifth album, which was completed this spring and will be released on December 3rd, 2021.

"We have thought a lot over the last few months and have seen how humanity reacts to different situations. With this album we once again underline our attitude and message regarding this. We see "Helheim" not as a place of punishment and dishonor, but as an exile for everyone those who are forgotten under the hood of earth-shattering topics ", says singer Neill.
Musically, ERDLING orientate themselves on their album "Yggdrasil", which already set new records for the band in 2020, and on "Supernova", which is one of the combo's most popular recordings. Regardless of whether the progressive "Fimbulwinter", which was created in collaboration with the soundtrack singer "Julie Elven" - or the accusatory, rabid "Der Mensch verdient die Erde nicht" ("Man does not deserve the earth") - the quartet always has a good instinct for current issues: " HELHEIM is probably the roundest album we've ever made. It contains all the ingredients that the fans have always appreciated about the band. That's why we brought Chris Harms (Lord of the Lost) on board again as producer because he knows our sound best and has always contributed constructively to our further development."

01 Rabenherz
02 Götterdämmerung
03 Der Mensch verdient die Erde nicht
04 Leuchtfeuer
05 Fimbulwinter feat. Julie Elven
06 Vogelfrei
07 Es zerfällt
08 Weißglut
09 Helheim
10 Das Ritual
11 Baum der Welt

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