Front Line Assembly - Millenium 2024 – 30th Anniversary issue (Limited GREEN-CLEAR Vinyl) - 2LP

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Genre: Industrial / Industrial Metal 30th anniversary edition of “Millennium”, in Deluxe GATEFOLD-Sleeve, GREEN-CLEAR Vinyl, completely remastered audio and upgraded artwork (a CLASSIC by Dave McKean)! 'Millenium' was the first (and only) FLA Album to be released on Roadrunner Records, the then still independent Dutch Label (now part of Warner). The album followed several releases on the British Third Mind Records-Label, incl. such legendary albums as 'Gashed Senses...', 'Caustic Grip' and 'Tactical Neural Implant'. With each album and single, FLA had steadily increased their popularity and their fanbase. For the most devoted hardcore Fans - used to a certain electro-industrial sound for years – the album 'Millenium' was quite a shock, as it sounded much more metal-influenced / industrial- metal like, than anything that FLA had released before. Still: Today ‘Millenium’ is regarded as one the most intense FLA albums of all times.


Side A
Vigilante 6:28
Millennium 6:10
Liquid Separation 5:05

Side B
Search And Destroy 6:30
Surface Patterns 5:36
Victim Of A Criminal 6:32

Side C
Division Of Mind 5:47
This Faith 6:12

Side D
Plasma Springs 6:20
Sex Offender 8:13 

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