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The dark brotherhood embarks on a new journey into the cold and sends out a prophetic harbinger on a sonic pilgrimage: the new single „Bruderschaft“, limited to 666 hand-numbered copies sees Heimataerde redefining the fraternization of hard guitars, Electro- and Medieval- sounds. “From the beginning, our order was united by a feeling of closeness. We were enshrouded by a protecting armor of trust. And no matter what may come: no evil, no bane and no disaster can destroy our brotherhood.” Heimataerde are embarking on another journey full of privations that will lead them through wastelands, fear and seclusion into the cold. With “Bruderschaft” (the German term for “brotherhood”), they now deliver the first glimpse into their elaborate travelogue, which will be aptly titled “Kaltwaerts” (this can be roughly translated with “into the cold.”) “Bruderschaft” is a rather prophetic title for the new single, as mighty synthetic beats, lashing EBM sequencers, harsh guitar riffing and anthemic Medieval sounds are joining hands to create a sonic stronghold that cannot be breached, a brotherhood of sounds that fits together like the links of a chain mail armour are joined to deliver protection. The title song effectively merges club-sounds, Gregorian choral-atmosphere, apocalyptic impact and a quite catchy melody to an electronic St.-Vitus-dance. “Bruderschaft” is included in four versions, each of which carefully emphasizes certain elements to create radically different and utterly enthralling sonic experiences. As a bonus, Heimataerde have brought back two more exclusive tunes back from their journey which both play out the strengths of the band's unique musical alchemy. The Electro-friars return... and they want you! Join the Bruderschaft! Track listing: 1. Bruderschaft 2. Bruderschaft (Kytara Version) 3. Misere Re Mei 4. Bruderschaft (Choral Version) 5. Wir leben noch 6. Bruderschaft (Rueda Version)
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