Hocico - HyperViolent (Limited Edition) - MC+Bleistift/Pen SET

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Less than two years after their last album, legendary Mexican Electro duo Hocico is once again filling the air with their unabashedly sound and strikes hard with their full range of aggression on the band's brand new album "Hyperviolent".

Latently menacing and rather insidiously rough as in "Broken Empires" or wrapped in a pulsating Dark'n'Bass tune as in the recently released single "Backstabbers" - Hocico doesn't play shy on any of the 13 tracks of their new longplayer.
This also counts for the bonus track “Weapons of Resistance”, which features guest vocals from Ten56 frontman Aaron Matts and which, after previous collaborations with Lord Of The Lost and Ost+Front, means another straight banger, that makes noch only the Aggrotech heart beat faster.
In 2022, heavy-hitter Hocico is still going strong in pushing boundaries and breaking old conventions - or simply said: "hyper hyper"!

 "Hyperviolent" will be released as double CD (including bonus CD), vinyl and as cassette. Collectors will straight go for the limited wooden box (only 400 pieces worldwide), which, in addition to the album, includes a ceramic tile with an art print (incl. holder), a clay spice-shaker handmade in Mexico with an individual Mexican design, a bandana, Erk and Racso's favorite recipes, a bag of chili peppers and a hand-numbered certificate.

01. When The Trumpets Of Hate Blow
02. Broken Empires
03. Acts of Aggression
04. Un Sepulcro Sin Cadaver
05. What Are Nightmares Made Of?
06. Hacked Society
07. El Jardin de Las Locuras
08. Backstabbers
09. Lost World
10. Black Reflection
11. N.W.O.
12. Crown of Knives
13. Peccata Mundi

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