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Interbreeding IX - Kuru

Format 2CD
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CD1 ‘Necromastication’: 01 KUBIX-Do it again (evolution mix) 02 NOLONGERHUMAN-Transcend humanity 03 VISCERA DRIP-Demons 04 BOUNDLESS-Klan of Kuru 05 GYDJA-Kuru001 06 DERMA-TEK-Rise from the ashes (Painbastard remix) 07 XENTRIFUGE-The wires speak 08 WERTSTAHL-High speed death (radio edit) 09 GYDJA-Kuru002 10 STEREOMOTION-Torment (Kuru2012) 11 PROTOTYPE-Save Yourself 12 DVATION-Believe in 13 DEADJUMP-Resist (Mesmer’s Eyes Riot mix) 14 WORMS OF THE EARTH-Earth (Theatre of War mix) 15 GYDJA-Kuru003 16 STATIK SKY-Make Me feel better 17 ALIEN PRODUKT-Slave to the system 18.FUNCTION13-Revolutionary recision                                                                         CD2 ‘Cannibalized’:  01 ZAUBER-Noise house 02 THE PANIC LIFT-Remnants of a dead age 03 STARK-Wilt 04 GYDJA-Kuru004 05 HOMICIDE DIVISION-No tears to war (terror mix) 06 ARMED FOR WAR-Holocaust 07 STIGMATA-Hurt You 08 FRIGHTDOLL-Controverse 09 GYDJA-Kuru005 10 CYANIDE REGIME-Sick from hunger 11 BRAINCLAW-The temporal tide (infantivore remix) 12 RUN LEVEL ZERO-With one voice (Necro Facility remix) 13 XP8-Muv Your Dolly (swedish erotica mix by Mortiis) 14 SUICIDE SOLUTION feat. LUJHBOIA-Suicide Solution 15 ASSEPTIC ROOM-Faith without You (Suicide Solution remix) 16 ENGELMACHER-You will because you are 17 GYDJA-Kuru006 18 SLAYV AXIS-Pulse

Interbreeding IX - Kuru

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