Kiberspassk - See Bear - Limited Mailorder Only Edition!

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Limited Edition of 100 pieces!!!

This Limited Edition is only available in the Out Of Line online shop and contains an in Siberia handmade Leather Bracelet with the engraving "Из Сибири с любовью“ which means "From Siberia with love“
A beautiful unique gift to all fans, which will only be available in this bundle. So be quick!

In the long nights of the siberian taiga, a band joined forces to catch up the coldness and darkness of their home in hard Electro. Their environment inspired the band to combine their Industrial with russian folklore creating an unique sound.

The core point of the special music of Kiberspassk is singer Baba Yaga, a mad woman of highest power with a voice range from raspy curses over angelic melodies to mongolian throatsinging. It is her perfomance that gives the industrial its special, nocturnal atmosphere. „I sing about the dark side of Slavic mythology and scary tales.“, she describes her inspiration. „Characters known from birth to every russian child - Kikimora, Domovoy (brownie), Baba Yaga, Liho, etc. In this land with its disappearing old settlements, the spirit and real mysticism of Siberia is preserved. And that's what we write songs about.“ So it is no coincidence that the music has an element of loneliness: „The Kiberspassk project is named after a small dying village "Kiberspoassk" located 15 kilometers from our house. And the video to our first single "Derevna" was filmed in this village.“ Kiberspassk play a completely new, atmospheric and exciting style in Industrial and bring some fresh, bitterly cold wind in a genre, where true innovation has become a rarity a long time ago.

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Kiberspassk - See Bear - Limited Mailorder Only Edition!
Kiberspassk - See Bear - Limited Mailorder Only Edition!

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